Choosing to be a Charitable Company

Futura Law Firm, consistent with the advice it offers on the subject, is a benefit company because it has imposed on itself a statutory duty to balance its profit objective with the interests of those third parties on whom its activities have or may have an impact.

This is why the statute, putting the person at the centre, provides for specific obligations such as respect, transparency, sharing, freedom and sustainability, linked to activities that, in the intentions of the members, will create a positive impact on people, the environment, the community, employees, collaborators, consultants, customers, suppliers, lenders and creditors. Sustainability - social, economic and environmental - is a way of thinking and acting as well as a form of innovative design.

Futura Law Firm believes in sustainability as attention to the impact that behaviour has on the environment and the community. It believes that being sustainable is a way of thinking, of approaching work and of relating to reality and to people, whether they are collaborators, employees, clients, suppliers or family members.

Futura Law Firm has chosen the innovative project of being a Benefit Society to express, at corporate level, its values in terms of social impact and sustainability.