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Extraordinary transactions

  • Futura Law Firm and Extraordinary Transactions: acquisitions, mergers, demergers, capital increases, joint ventures and incorporation of new companies.
  • Extraordinary operations are an expression of dynamism and strategic vision and allow for reorganisation, efficiency and more sophisticated structures suited to handling the challenges of an evolving and changing world.
  • Our assistance is aimed at entrepreneurs and directors, i.e. the key players who take the strategic decisions typical of extraordinary transactions.
  • We deal with all phases of an extraordinary transaction, in particular: drafting of letters of intent and confidentiality agreements preparatory to the extraordinary transaction, organisation of the virtual data room and execution of due diligence; drafting of contracts for the sale and purchase of shareholdings and business units; drafting of framework contracts, joint-venture agreements and shareholders' agreements; organisation and management of the various phases of mergers, demergers and capital increases.


  • Futura Law Firm and Internationalisation: contractual and corporate strategy for expansion into international markets.
  • Internationalisation is a strategic factor as globalisation and digitalisation favour the creation of a single global market and, therefore, companies of all sizes are required to be born (if start-ups) or become (if SMEs) international in order to operate in foreign markets to expand business opportunities and demonstrate an innovative, modern and strategic character.
  • We assist entrepreneurs and commercial managers in analysing contractual and commercial risks in order to identify the most appropriate safeguards depending on the business model adopted, the products or services marketed and the customers and suppliers, bearing in mind the regulatory peculiarities of each target country.
  • We deal with all aspects of international contracts and corporate transactions: sale and purchase agreements and the choice of the most appropriate Incoterms rules, agency, distribution and franchising, licensing of trademarks, patents and know-how, establishment of joint-venture companies, drafting of shareholders' agreements with particular attention to corporate governance and exit strategy.
  • Method: (i) analysis of the business model, products/services marketed, customers/suppliers in the target countries, (ii) identification of risks, (iii) choice of the most appropriate type of contract for the type of relationship, (iv) drafting of contracts and protections consistent with the analysis carried out.

Commercial contracts

  • Futura Law Firm and commercial contracts: negotiating and drafting contracts for the proper management of business activities
  • Thelife of a company is characterised by the daily conclusion of contracts: the correct management and drafting of thesecontracts, in order to regulate any pathological hypotheses, is therefore of fundamental importance.
  • We assist entrepreneurs and commercial managers in analysing contractual risks, negotiating and drafting contracts in order to identify and regulate the most appropriate safeguards depending on the type of contractual relationship to be established and regulated.
  • Our experience relates to general terms and conditions of business, procurement and supply contracts, agency, distribution and franchising agreements, licensing of trademarks, patents, copyright and know-how, contracts of sale and lease of companies and businesses.

Corporate disputes

  • Futura Law Firm and corporate disputes: endosocietal conflicts in interlocutory, ordinary (also before the Supreme Court of Cassation) and arbitration proceedings
  • Theproper handling of corporate disputes is crucial to avoid that an internal conflict leads to the implosion of the company and to the stoppage of business activities, frustrating the commercial efforts of growth and market positioning.
  • We assist shareholders and directors in disputes such as liability actions, challenges to shareholders' and board resolutions, conflicts between shareholders and between companies and directors, and disputes over breaches of shareholders' agreements.
  • Method: we share strategies with our clients in order to draft accurate, documented and thorough defence texts, ensuring constant attention to the problem and favouring, where possible, non-confrontational solutions aimed at settling the problem as we are aware of the time (even before the expenses) that a legal dispute requires from the entrepreneur.
  • In addition, we take on corporate positions (such as directors without proxies and joint representatives of bondholders) and manage them with awareness and professionalism.
  • We also offer advice on the drafting of minutes of boards of directors and shareholders' meetings in order to enable the key players to comply with the forms required for their role and tell their position accurately and completely, to their benefit and that of the company.

Contractual disputes

  • Futura Law Firm and contractual disputes: litigation (including before the Supreme Court of Cassation or arbitration) relating to the pathological phases of contractual and commercial relationships with suppliers, partners and clients.
  • Business is characterised by a multitude of contractual relationships with customers and suppliers and the risk of having to manage defaults is real. Accurate management of defaults, including preventive management, is essential to ensure the continuation of business.
  • Method: we share strategies with clients in order to draft accurate, documented and thorough defence texts, doing everything possible to avoid the client having to add haste to the inevitable difficulty of reconstructing, documenting and proving his theses, each time with the aim of examining possible out-of-court solutions to limit the time and money spent on a matter, the judicial one, which is uncertain and distracts from the business activity.