"Smart Legal Contract: from idea to code" written by a lawyer and a blockchain developer

The book "Smart Legal Contract: from the idea to the code"has been published by Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre.

Written by Raffaele Battaglini lawyer and Paolo Alberto Nicorelli blockchain developer, it illustrates the logical, legal and IT path to translate a traditional contract into a smart contract. Providing the lawyer and the computer scientist with a method and tools to create smart legal contracts, i.e. to translate a traditional contract, or rather its clauses, into a smart contract.

Following the proposed method, legal and IT practitioners will be able to understand and implement the logical, technical and practical process for creating smart legal contracts.

This is an innovation that requires a new mental approach by lawyers and developers where the former are required to take the path to become code lawyers and the latter are required to understand the regulatory constraints, which are often more restrictive than the IT ones.

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