Legal Hackers: the community for legal innovation

Legal Hackers is the World's largest community for legal innovation, a global movement of entrepreneurs, computer scientists, lawyers, researchers, students, professors, regulators, innovators and technologists exploring and developing creative solutions to issues at the intersection of law and technology.
Born in 2012 in Brooklyn (New York), it has spread to more than 200 cities in 6 continents on the basis of local chapters. In Italy there are about 20 chapters.

Raffaele Battaglini, co-organiser of Legal Hackers Torino, tells:
"The Torino Legal Hackers chapter, first in Italy, was born in 2016 with an event on the theme of 3D Printing. Subsequently, it organised meetings (conferences, workshops, demonstrations) on topics such as legaltech, drones, artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, social impact, fintech.
In particular, Legal Hackers Torino participated in the decentralised initiative Computational Law & Blockchain Festival by organising the Turin editions in 2018 and 2019.
The Legal Hackers Torino community communicates mainly through the dedicated group on Telegram."

Legal Hackers is a movement, it is not a commercial enterprise, trade association, advocacy group or computer security group, it does not support or engage in "black hat" or "white hat" hacking.
Legal Hackers' mission is to promote creative problem solving at the intersection of law and technology, or what we call "legal hacking" (in the sense of legal hacking) with an open and collaborative ethos. Through events and activities, Legal Hackers seeks to create an open, passionate, creative and fun environment.

Legal Hackers accomplishes its mission by building multidisciplinary communities in local chapters around the world through events focused on outreach, education, prototyping, and discussion. A Legal Hackers Chapter is an official community of Legal Hackers in a city or region approved by the Board of Directors of Legal Hackers LLC. Each Legal Hackers Chapter is managed by Co-Organizers authorized by Legal Hackers LLC.